Kanohi tipua: mask of supernatural powers

the mask of crystallisation had forged crystalline armour peices which equipped onto the newly born much stronger ultra mode Titan, after this said resurrection Titan needed a new mask, which he forged with a stone hammer and 6 Kanoka discs, the Kanohi tipua.

This mask has one less ability than its predecessor but that doesn’t matter, it’s still a mask. These abilities are:
Bloodstone red - infinite communication
Acidic green - painkiller magic
Seaweed yellow - neverending memory
Mint white - shadow clone
Crystal blue - sharpened reactions and fighting skills
Poisonous purple - portal manipulation

Each of these powers require a lot of mental and physical control, you can’t have your eyes closed and and you have to stay out of negative thought (rage, sadness, fear) and the abilities only last 10 seconds, afterwards you must wait 1 minute until another one of the abilities can be used, this is quite a downfall but it’s not a great problem, Titan on his own is already a great combat and weapon specialist, but that aside this is certainly a useful mask that Toa aplenty dream to wear.


I’m not quite sure I understand the intent of “infinite communication”.

Also, is that hair?

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No they’re spikes

Why would you have to stay out of negative emotions? Are they not just as valid as positive ones?

You have to stay out of negative emotion because you’re in a dangerous situation and you have to have complete and utter 101% focus (yes that was not a typo, I just had to say 101%) negativity makes you either lose focus or distracts you by focusing on something else.

You can’t really have 101% as %s are divided into 100 parts with 100 being the maximum amount of stuff that will fit in it. For example, if you fill up a cup of water 100% then the cup is full and you can’t stick any more water into it.

It’s a joke :unamused:

My bad.

So it has good cell phone service, aspirin, backup data, a spoopy hologram, a bit of a steroid boost and a portal gun?

Sounds handy, but very overcramped.

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I like this

Wow! This is a really cool mask! It should be a Legendary Mask!

Why thank you

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