Kanohi Volitak Variant: Jek's Nidhikitak + Nidhiki's Colours Poll

Hey guys, I wanted to share this digital kitbash of two of @galva_nize_'s Masks and a Volitak, made specifically for Nidhiki.

Feel free to use however you like, no need to ask.
Credit is appreciated but by no means necessary, especially considering I didn’t make any of the original models. :slight_smile:
Download here: Kanohi Volitak Variant: Jek's Nidhikitak by Jekdersnek - Thingiverse
May need to be scaled or filed down a bit when printed because of the axle-connector.

Also, I’m torn between keeping my Nidhiki’s armour silver or giving it a green tint. Personally, I still prefer silver, but what do you guys think?

Please vote based on aesthetics and not based on the lore. :slight_smile:

  • Silver
  • Green

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ah looks cool!


Looks pretty nice. Gunna grab that one, can never have too many masks :slight_smile:
Also the official colours for him are pure green but it’s your build in the end so go with silver if that’s what you prefer.


Super cool mask! I’ve always preferred him with silver in his colour scheme tbh


That mask looks pretty cool. Though I like that scythe on your Nidhiki too.


That is great! Love that combo!

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