Kao-rok- Toa of Will

So over the Christmas break, I was browsing over old posts on the boards and I came across something that really inspired me. Theres a post by member @Kirk, I can't remember if its a self moc or just for fun, heres the link Origan, Toa of possession
I'm not sure if the moc still kept the Bohrok function, but I wanted to create something that retained the function of the Bohrok, but resembled a Toa.
A bit of backstory-
During the battle with the Toa, a Kohrak threw out its Krana, hoping to possess one of elemental warriors. The Toa easily dodged and knocked the Bohrok to the ground. Dazed and confused, the Kohrak started to try and attack the other Bohrok, which lead to it being ripped apart and cast into the shadows of the cave. the battle moved on, but the Kohrak clung on to what life force it had left, to try and stop the destruction his kind was causing. The Great Spirit saw the determination and imbued the power of Will on the remains of the Bokrok, Transforming him into Kao-rok, the Toa of Will. Retaining the power of the Bohrok, with the added Strength of the Toa, Kao-rok sought to use his new found powers to right the wrongs of his past and to ensure no such war could once again happen.
On to the Moc

4th wall breaker-
It's basically just slapping some arms and legs onto a Bohrok body, but I couldn't find a better way to retain the function (Blast those crafty Lego designers). The foot design is an homage to the combo model and the Onua shovels ( I think) look a bit like the originals arms and they combine into a hammer!
As always, all criticism, comments or suggestions are greatly welcomed.


I love this, I don't no why it's just so awesome.

@Stoax Thanks, I really like him too 😄

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Really well built and it's very creative!

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I like it, but it doesn't seem like a Toa.

This is a pretty great MOC, I like how simple yet effective the designs for the feet are. I also like the use of the Onua claws for the Bohrok Shield.

Awesome MOC dude!

i don't know why , but this looks so cool

muscle bohrok

Love the look of it, but I don't think it should be a Toa.

Toa with Bohrok heads are becoming a thing I don't find appealing.

As a Bohrok though, that'd be amazing!

Very interesting! good work!

Bootieful :0 and i love how i inspired someone lol #FeelLikeAProudDad :joy: but i love the design , like seriously! like i love it, im making a series of weird Toa what are going to form a team, Origan is already the weird mutant shape-shifting one butttttt i really like this design and kinda like over joyed that Bohrok are finally getting MOC's again, i would love for this character (with a couple of minor edits and a paint job) to be the first villain of my wave??? its cool if not... and once iv made him il ship him out to you after iv got some good shots???? again its cool if you don't want this :smile: but i would love to have this in my wave 1!
(It was a self moc, but a werewolf like form, the original form is the character it is posed with in the last photo :smile: )

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Coolest bohrak I have seen.

love how the technic parts play together with the ccbs parts, and all the borak mechanisms work! nice job man!

This is great! I really like the color scheme and love that you kept the function! I give it a Huna stamp of approvals