Kaorat, the beast of war

another of one of my favorite builds in LDD. Since his race is tesovarian (another made up species in my universe) this means his limbs are longer,well his arms at least,but unlike the Nero,some teso can actually have more humanoid appearances. if you guys want to know a specific thing about him,ask in the comments.


The head is very thin to give a shape, the waist also feels thin and some exposed limbs.
The color is reasonable consistent and I wish you gave more coverage overall.


The lover legs look pretty well built and the head is creative, good job on those.

It looks pretty nice. I like what you did with the shoulder armor. By the way, did he have some sort of power?

@Toa_Vladin here is somthing about his species, his species is very powerful but sadly with this kind of power they cannot exit the part of Kaladox(one of the dimensions in my universe, it connects to all four realms of my universe, it is where the demons of my universe reside) they live in. However, Kaorat has found that by training his powers he can conceal them. Also however, he once escaped, the thing though is that he was still too powerful,so what did he do? he fused possessed the son of my self-MOC, using him more like a host rather than anything else. so he trains now to be able to step away from this boy.

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Your self-moc have a son?

@Toa_Vladin yes, in a way there just the main characters of my story, having some aspects of me,and others not so much

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