Kaos incarnate (Kaos lord of imbalance v3)

After the technic failure that was v2 I just decided to overhaul the entire thing and start from scratch.
Name; Kaos
Abilities; can use the chaos corrupted form of anything. (Fire, water, creation, etc)
Bio; chaos energy really has no past or future. Kaos is simply the form it copies off the most powerful being in the given universe it’s in as the more powerful the original the more sustainable the copy body is.
Gender; pure energy doesn’t have one.

Kinda set in my universe so it copied the form of Rhaea as she’s the most powerful being.

Due to the custom legs it can achieve more posing that probably any of my other Mocs.

On another note I think I might be the first to have a self moc as my opposite gender.

Rhaea will most likely see a v3 also but Kaos will stay the same as it just adds to the “demonic clone vide”.


So a copy character/build?

Eh. Alright

honestly she looks better than Rhaea slightly

I think that’s becuase it’s supposed to be a copied demon clone of her body. Once I get the 2 pounds of parts I ordered I’ll probably revamp her to look like the angelic original version. It’s why it won’t get a version 4 most likely.

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I actually think it’s more about the colors and parts used. I suggest keeping the limbs but maybe reworking the torso just because the chest looks awkward. Maybe a new sword too

I’ll see about the chest and I’ll admit the sword was just thrown in to the thing to look like the original.

I like this MOC. It definitely looks like a chaos lord. The only issue I can name (and really isn’t that bad of an issue) is that the chest looks open.

Did you mean to say “vibe”?

Gotta say, I really like this one!

Build and wings are pretty awesome, colours are very well balanced, except for the silver which looks very good just as “boots” and around the chest and face.
There’s definitely room to improve, and there’s always the option to change stuff up just for kicks, but this one’s a good.

My one gripe is that sword though. Made of teeth it may be, but the handle, main blade and tip not lining up makes it look wonky and awkward and possibly quite fragile if it was real.

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Yeah. I might redesign the torso and just remove the sword. She already has the arm sword of the originals anyway. And by vibe I mean aesthetic; just couldnt think of the word at the time.