Kapua - a revamped VoyaToran Moc

Recently, I decided to rewrite Despair (Despair - a Voya Nui short story (Rewritten)). While I was doing that, I figured I could also tweak my moc of Kapua, as I found the original tablescrap version to be poor compared to my other builds.

My approach was to initially do something similar to Bukkey’s version of Turaga Dume: https://twitter.com/ibukkey/status/1426991134463561729. As I messed around, I strayed away from my original idea, created custom limbs and a torso inspired by Minirigby’s Toa mocs (specifically Helryx and Orde). I must say I’m quite satisfied by the end result. His build is somewhat clean next to his VoyaToran compadres, but he still feels somewhat stilted and hastily built (the abundance of grey makes him look like he’s an unfinished design in-universe) and he still radiates that Turaga energy, like his character.

I hope you like it too! :slight_smile: