Karda Nui location

If Karda Nui is under Voya Nui, isn’t it underwater? I mean, I know it is inside a dome, but in some commercials and in the CGI it looks just like it was above the clouds. And also, were the Toa Canisters put from Mata Nui into the Codrex? Because I read the story and it said that inside the Codrex there were the Toa Canisters.

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I’m pretty sure Karda Nui is underwater. It has it’s own enviroment inside the dome, which is why it has clouds and stuff.


The Toa Canisters that Toa Mata were sleeping in are not the only ones, as shown in the Toa Inika arc.
The Mata were put into stasis inside the Codrex, but once Takua have summoned them on Mata Nui Island, they were launched outside.

As for Karda Nui’s location, it’s located deep inside Great Spirit Robot’s body (somewhere close to its spine I reckon), right under the Southern Continent.

Wait, this happened before the 2001 stories?


And if Metru Nui was under Mata Nui, how did that form? I mean, when the giant robot crash landed on Aqua Magna, it formed Mata Nui onto it’s face. So Metru Nui was inside pf the robot’s head? Or was it like the Karda Nui, in a dome?

Metru Nui is inside GSR’s head, Mata Nui, as you have correctly noted, has formed on GSR’s face.

According to Biosector, Matoran Universe was a series of domes containing various continents and landmasses. Karda Nui was just in a separate dome under the Southern Continent which, in turn, had its own dome. I guess.

Yes, there were clouds. Karda Nui is quite deep. Originally the bottom was a desert, but mixed with the pit water, it was turned into a swamp. Presumably, the clouds originate in the swamp since we’ve seen that the swamp is very misty. One of the features you could find in the Karda Nui prior to the roof being repaired was a waterfall coming from the roof in place of Voya Nui. You would have expected the entire place to have been flloded after 1000 years, but perhaps there was some sort of drainage system??

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Well, if you look at Voya Nui’s underwater image you can see that it’s got sort of like an upside down pyramid shape, so the actual hole in Karda Nui could be quite tiny if compared to the size of the dome. Still, 1000 years is probably more than enough to fill the entire chamber though :stuck_out_tongue:.

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