Kardax the Phoenix Toa: Fire form

The second form of my self moc, his base form.

Having regained his energy Kardax can now use his elemental energy again and can fly with his wings (I was going to make them like Tahu uniter's in the trailer but the gold comes later).

Kardax the Phoenix Toa: Fire form

Not a great deal of changes, mostly armouring but the final form should have a few more, more pictures in the link and just tell me what you think about it :grinning:


Ooh, schnazzy.

reminds me of the phantoka a bit, with the wings and silver.

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Feel like it should be more of a mech, but I guess

Upper arms are abit too big and the waist is awkward with the added bulk

looks cool tho

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The textures could be more uniform

pretty cool looking

I love the sword.

The hands are way to small, but otherwise, amazing! Also, severe lack of thumbs.

His arms are a little long and his legs aren't bulky enough compared to his body, but otherwise he's okay.

Also, if he's a Phoenix Toa, why does he have any form other than fire?

I explained this in his ash form, I based this concept on the life cycle of a phoenix, weak when they rise from the ash then stronger when they grow up into fire birds then they die in a fiery explosion.

In terms of proportion and the thumbs... yeah hands are weird, but in all seriousness I am looking at new designs that have similar designs but are shorter. The legs feel bulky enough but I think changing different shell pieces I would get that done.

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Dem hands man.
Groovy MOC man.

I can't help but grin at how this reminds me of 2010/2011 Biotube and MOCPages


Man when i see mocs like this all i think is man Ive got to step up my game ._.


Dude, this moc took me so long to do on account of it's size, I was constantly redesigning it and having builders block on some of the parts, your mocs are great anyway.

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Nice. Very, very nice. Love the wings