Kardymis Chromas

So, lately I've been ordering parts from Bricklink specifically for this, and the last batch finally came...

In case you have forgotten, or don't know what Kardymis normally looks like...

I also made him a Gun, which is a callback to the first version of Kardymis on the boards...

So here is the first one, "Midnight Kardymis".

Next is my personal favorite, "Winter warlord Kardymis".

Next, "Vineborn Kardymis".

Not sure if this next one is a joke... "Dark Forest Kadymis" (Edgymis)

And for a certain someone, here is "Raptor Kardymis?"

And finally, as a little treat, here's puny un-armored Kardymis... Which just shows what a difference the armor makes.

Tell me what you think...


how much do the Chromas cost?

these are amazing
since I have a thing for altering Colour Schemes with my art
but I might try with Mocs one day

Did you have any reasons for upgrading him? I actually liked the older version much more, the one with one of these well I am nobody to judge what version you preffer

I did like that one, but the torso had a bunch of problems, and I really wanted him to look like he used to.

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I like the palet swaps for different environments, nice idea.

They look awesome!

Pretty neat, however I really prefered The New Age Kardymis, though I understand that it was for the benefit of the moc as a whole. Overall, I like the concept of the armour colours to suit the environment, maybe a change in his weapon would help solidify the idea more. Still, its a fantastic Moc.

I want to make something with armour this easily modified...

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it's just color swapping tho, however that's a lot easier than making armor that changes appearance of the figure...

the color swaps are cool.

That's looks pretty, and I misread as Kardymis Christmas.

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These are really cool! I like how you used a lot of hf parts. I feel hf doesn't get enough love.

That smug daddy look of the moc that wants to crush you.