Kardymis v3

A third major update to my self MOC giving him new arms and lower legs.

A lovely shot of that technic heavy back that somebody mentioned in a previous version of him. (The torso will not be changing anytime soon)

Kardymis and Hafynx together...

Back on his own...

I don't think that it is very clear in any of the photos, but there are small system wings attached to the inside of the armor on the upper arms, (one is under the cape). These kept causing the armor plates to pop off, so I made a different way of connecting them, shown in the photo below.

Fancy new lower legs. I made some Rocket-like pieces which connect to the sides of the legs, which can be seen in previous photos. I also made the sword longer, and gave it a new handle rather than just an axle, so that he can hold it in his new hands.

Hope you like it!


the helmet like that IMO is a little wierd maybe add the tiniest spikes (if you see what I mean). other that a flaw of a piece made by LEGO.
I think hes very cool and I love that you can store the sword on his side

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That's exactly what I was thinking!

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I don't get what you mean...

About the spikes on the helmet. Just add two silver and two red and you'll be good. Cool MOC!

to be honest I don't really want spikes in him, but I will add something

I think if you rotate those black shells on the arms 180 it would look better,
otherwise, nice.

Okay, but just anything there would be great!

He looks pretty cool. What has me sold is the color scheme. It is awesome. Although I think it could use a little more silver here and there in my opinion.

Eh, Red and Silver. Meh. Pretty sweet build, though. Love the sword.

Red and Black huh?
Paging @Mesonak

Don't care for this honestly.
Too stiff and Red-black.

Seen as though you left a nice comment on my other MOC, I think I can look past this

So you would be annoyed at someone not falling in love with your creation just because they liked something else you made? Am I missing something or is this normal...

Well, lets face it, nobody likes bad comments...

I got to admit this is great.
But the chains feel unnecessary.