Kardymis VIII

I know it’s getting a bit repetitive now but I am really proud of this MOC… so, I have a segment of his story, and I will be making some “how to’s” for parts of him…

Kardymis is a peaceful warrior from the Mu’tah volcanic region on the planet Uoois (U-O-is). He was made famous by his unique fighting style with his sword, and is therefore known by all the Mu’tah citizens… With the birth of a new evil and the violent eruption of the Mu’tah, the volcano itself, Kardymis was forced to abandon his village and all it’s inhabitants. He walked away as they died in fear of the darkness that had consumed the island, and was therefore outcast to an unnamed desert planet by the five gods. He had no choice but to find new life to help him, but the gods had informed the inhabitants of the planet of what he had done, and now he was a wanted being. He had to fight himself out of countless situations with numerous foes, collecting armor and supplies as he traveled. He fashioned a new suit of armor from the scraps that he had salvaged. A silver and red suit, with a black helmet, and his signature weapon…

And the MOC:
Updates Include smaller and more articulated hands, a smoother chest-plate, no more scope, and a Unity ready back!

I also used a new camera for this, so the photo quality is much better…
Some of the angles (second photo) make the waist connection look really wierd so there’s that.
Anyways, tell me what you think…


I like it. Can you attach the elemental creatures to his back?

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I don’t have any yet, but that’s what it’s for!

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Armour is a bit bland but I like the build and colour scheme. The mask fits in perfectly and nice weapon. I also like the others in the group shot. I like it :slight_smile:

@Stoax You’re just jealous of his muscles

He looks good, but the chest sticks out a little awkwardly.

Are you following me :wink:
Just a joke, sometimes a post on an MOC topic and then you do. But just a joke

Uhhh, no?

Those fingers look sweet, and I’m inspired to use those clips in a similar way when I get the chance. The rest of the moc looks sweet, though the chest could use a little more black or silver (but I like the design). But I’m curious, how does the hand hold the sword, and does it hold it securely?

Downgrade. unbelievably blocky. No flow in the limbs anymore as well.

@RedHoodieReveiwer I hope this explains it…

That’s ingenious, Lego take out your notebooks and learn how you make a unique design, good job

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Wow, every time he keeps getting better!

Although my only complaint with this one is that the chest is a little to forward and boxy. Maybe try and smooth it down.

I can’t wait to see a Creature on him!

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Sweet! How well does it hold it in?

Another good revamp of him. I think giving him a creature spot is a really good idea. Hopefully it will workout with the head.

That chest does look really blocky. System doesn’t really help in that regard. The rest of him I still rather like.

Kardymis: This isn’t even my final form!

Nice. I love the hands and the ability to combine. The torso is a tad blocky, but otherwise great MOC.

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Looking pretty good except for the chest, it sticks out a little too much and is pretty blocky compared to the rest of the moc.

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