The final version of Kardymis! I have again updated the arm connection and done a few color changes. He also now has a jetpack, which doubles as a shield/ huge weird weapon thing.

New arm connection. Upper ball joints also used to be red.

The piece in the center used to be red...

The second axle down used to be light grey...


Just the plasma blades...

Tell me what you think...
And in case you didn't read my latest paragraph comment, I'm staying...
Also, coming soon Chucuchuthla - Queen of nightmares...


I have to say my biggest problem with this MOC is the crotch.
It looks a bit too smooth and round compared to the CCBS.
I would try using a Slizer foot plus a little system instead.


It's already system, and to keep the articulated waist a slizer foot wouldn't really work, but if I find another piece that works I will try it.

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reminds me of Jetfire Optimus from the movies

looks cool

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Oh! Cool! Glad to see more mocs from you, bro.

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I don't like the chest armor, the ccbs pecs just don't look good to me, you're not the only person to use them, I haven't seen them used once and liked it.
black shells on the arms should be attached to the inside,
ankle shells should be size 4,
crotch is super blocky,
maybe flip the thigh shells,
jetpack/shield is kinda underwhelming, but doesn't look bad.

otherwise, not bad. solid 7/10

Thanks guys!

what do you use to light up the head?

Oh yeah, this is sweet! Maybe he could use some more red armor, it would look better in my opinion. Everything else is pretty cool, great build, cool weapons and, epic jetpack shield weapon thingy.

Overall so cool, love Kardymis, he's just so amazing! 9/10

An ultra violet laser pointer.

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