Karn & Paran: Knight and Soldier

So recently I've been trying to up my game at MoCcing. I haven't done a great job, but I am happy with the results. First, here's Karn

He's pretty basic, but I really like his silhouette. His lower arms are also pretty cool. AND I FOUND A USE FOR THOK'S TUBE! It holds the two swords together so that they don't flop around.

The other one is a bit more interesting in my opinion, named Paran.

Now he is obviously a lot more complicated and unique. his shoulders are completely custom, and I really like how they turned out.


I like them very much. Just the way you added the armour to the legs is really awesome, and the rahkshi spine is really creative. ~Pyrox

Alright, I take no real issue with Paran outside the fact that I dislike the Hagah style of arms with the metru limbs.

But for Karn, well...

here are some pros

  • Solid color scheme
  • Good use of an HF Helmet, doesn't look too out of place at all
  • Interesting ideas, with the trans pieces, the Mahri chord, and Rahkshi backs.
  • The sword arm is a cool concept, and the sword itsle, with the tube, looks nice.

The cons, things I dislike and take issue with personally

  • The leg armor looks good, but as shown in the picture, is not well connected, and is easily moved out of place.

  • The HF Feet look kinda small, or at least seem kinda off, that's minor, though. They're fine.

  • The torso chords don't connect anywhere. While you may be trying to go for a certain kinda look, it honestly just looks weird.

  • I dislike the arms a lot, TBH. The way the Inika joints work, in conjunction with the standard ball connection you used with the Rahkshi spine, it comes off as gangly and bulky at the same time, and a bleh way, like cinder blocks supported by a string.

    • If you want the claw hand to be sideways, like in the default stance, the arm isn't going to get much any good forward motion.

  • The trans limbs, while a good idea, are only present in the four pieces. I feel that mayhaps making that more consistent a theme with small greeblings or other such things in trans would help.

  • He doesn't fit his title well. I don't see much knight in him, outside the silver representing armor. However, this is an issue with the weapon, mostly. Knights were known for their straight swords, while the blades you used are curved. I recommend different pieces, though I know not what. The shoulderpads work, though, and I feel that making the lower leg armor siver as well would also help.

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Good points. perhaps for the arms I should recreate Paran's shoulders in silver and trans-blue. (Thank you Takadox!)
The arms actually bend quite well. the Rahkshi backs open up and it works quite well. The Knight title mostly fits into the story ( which can be found in Nynrahn Empire's profile and discussions topic) Same for the wires. I actually really like the silhouette they give off. Serves as something like a cape, except they can hack into a being's mind. The leg armor does need to be fixed, and I will fix the silver lower leg piece.

Thank you for the input. I really like this MoC and look forward to improving it.

The wire thing can work like a cape yes, but there needs to be more of them, a more consistent look.

I can probably do that.

Yeah, 'cause like, y'know why a lot of people don't like the Ninjago Dragons?(Except the Mech one. it gets off scott free on the point I'm about to make)

It's the wings(The Gold one especially). The way it's just the bone/membrane/whatever pieces, and then the actual wing part is left to imagination.

When I say more wires, I'm talking like...a lot more wires. It would look incredibly badass.

I agree. I'll probably work on that after I finish my homework

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So thanks to @Nyran's advice, I have perfected Karn (well, he still needs greebles.)

basic view. updated the shoulders, added more tubes, and the arms now have a lot more poseability

Action pose. Here you can see the updated legs. The Inika shoulders no longer flop around, and the feet are now Bionicle style. What you can't see is the tubes that connect to the other side of those three-long pins.

Here you see one of the few remaining problems, the Visorak feet are very loose.

So overall it ended up much better, and I am really happy with it. Thanks once again to Nyran for the advice.


Pretty cool!

They seem really simple though. I'd recommend finding a few easy frames to build, breaking out those balljoints that the Inika had in their necks, and testing some stuff out.

(nope totally not advertizing my own Rai MOC's frame totally not)


Eh, I'm trying to start with custom body parts. Paran's shoulders and Karn's lower arms. I probably will try a custom frame for my next moc though

Very nice! I always like looking for shtuff to steal stuck_out_tongue

The shoulders? Go right ahead.

Don't mind if I do stuck_out_tongue