Karu The G2 Tohunga

Here he is a great little dude! i’ll give him a backstory if you guys want

Front shot

Side shot

Back shot

Him and pahrak va


I like the wee guy! Very well done. Can he throw things though? :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s in the works but i am messing with those new gears to make a lever that pulls back one arm :smiley: so in theory yes he will as soon as i get around to it
to make his hands more usable you can stick those new Ball pieces with the slot for a Pin.

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Very quriky but overall nice looking build. Good job :slight_smile:

Ooo, yay! Now you’ve got me pondering how to make a G2 version of the Toa Mata that resemble their original forms…

what do you think about the design? honestly he was built around the arms and once those were out of concept i began on the body

His leg connection is bad and i should feel bad but i sacrificed it’s awfulness so that i could get that look that the G1 tohunga had
He’s almost fully technic with the only CCBS parts being his legs and head.
I’m not to good at MOCS and am honestly not the best
Also he has a 2003 variant i made here is a picture!
(this picture is old but i finally decided that’s who this little dude is!

[quote=“Nitro-Nynrah, post:5, topic:21132, full:true”]
Ooo, yay! Now you’ve got me pondering how to make a G2 version of the Toa Mata that resemble their original forms…
[/quote]I hope so to inspire!
i finally got off my lazy butt and made the G2 tohunga dude for the above pic


Well, one thing I would do is stick to the protector build, but use shorter arm pieces. Instead of using area that would normally be covered with ccbs shells, instead make a custom build out of half size technic beams. This gives the look of worn down or makeshift armor if done right. Mask wise, try using a more worn down color spectrum for the mask, instead of a flat brown.

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the mask was painted a year ago
the main problem i have with the protector body is that it did not scream tohunga to me.
it really only said “to tall!” i didnt want that so i got creative

I like it, I still don’t like painted masks though

The good thing about the ccbs frames is that, while tall or short in some cases, still have customizable potential. You know how some protector builds use a size three beam with a ball joint in the middle? Instead of that, attach one of those glatorian neck pieces. The ball joint attached to a size two beam. This was you can position the head lower and create a hunched over look.

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I do like the design, and it’s very faithful to the originals while being much sleeker and less “cheap McDonald’s toy”-looking.The leg connection is easily forgivable, given that it’s much much better than the simple pin that the originals had and you had little room to work with. There’s obviously not much to say since it’s not a big or all that complex MOC, but I really really enjoy these little intuitive builds that enable bits of plastic to seem almost cute! In that, you certainly achieved the main selling point of the original Tohunga.

I have to say… I adore that 2003 version. Same kinda simplistic cuteness, but much more articulation and playability. My only qualm is the blue pins, but black axle/pins are hard to come by unless you got the earlier sets, so I understand. I really appreciate the effort in painting it as well, especially with that worn-down look to the limbs.

EDIT: Also I totally agree with Carum here about the hunched-over thing. It’s worked with me, and I think it could work with your design too.

I only have one G1 set and 2 buckets of parts more system than bionicle after my mother sold all my G1 stuff at a yardsale
i only recently got one of my favorite sets (pahrak va) in my collection again.

so i don’t have many parts to work with here, and no glatorian necks in site

i made two the design was really simple but took more parts than i could spare
i have a full topic about them that if i didn’t take it down is still up somewhere

I highly encourage you to make some yourself just to see if you could do it better.

[quote=“Nitro-Nynrah, post:11, topic:21132”]
but black axle/pins
[/quote]only have one ;-; or i would be using a bunch of them

[quote=“Nitro-Nynrah, post:11, topic:21132”]
you certainly achieved the main selling point of the original Tohunga.
[/quote]:smiley::smiley::smiley: this was my goal! i am so happy that i got that across with this little dude
i’ve decided he’s a rather timid po okotan who doesn’t like hammerflush all that much despite his entire village loving it
i seriously hope somebody can help me improve his leg situation without using many G1 parts.

PS if people want to build 6 of these dudes with different coloured torso’s and everything i will give out building instruction

ACTUALLY! We could get a few MOCists and make the Chronicler’s Company in either the 2001 or 2003 Gen2 styles! Whadd’ya say?

If you can help me out i will create a parts list and hand it out.
and if you will help me out i will love to create both

Yeah! I’m a bit limited on heads right now, but I can certainly help with a few of them!

So are we trying to use the masks that’d most fit the original Matoran? I can see Onua 2015’s mask working for Takua, for instance.

The glatorian neck pieces are still available in gen 2 sets. The uniters, Ketar, and LOSS

I think going full protectors mask will do us good
i know what we can do!
we can make both all the 2003 sets and all the 2001 tohunga in my style
get some MOCCIsts you know who would love to help and we can make a contest out of this.

also LDD got an update :smiley:

Ah, ok! I suppose getting the individual masks would be a bit of a pain given that most of them use Turaga masks and none of those really look like the 2015 masks.

Also, you likely know more people here than I do; I’m new.

Did it!? COOL! What’d they add?


also nice job i would like to see more of these

I like what you’ve got going on for the torso. Though as others have said, the arms need some work. I also recommend you tighten up the colour scheme a bit.

Finally, the background is a bit distracting. How about trying to make your own lightbox in order to achieve a void effect and more natural lighting?