Karzahni: Master of Madness

Makuta has tried numerous times to defeat our heroes, the Toa, and he still may, but another challenges awaits him. A madman, insanity himself, has the capability of the most powerful. Karzahni, the master of many personalities, has taken advantage of our Toa. He has manipulated them into thinking he was their allie, and has earned their trust. He has carefully studied their elemental abilities, and has master them himself. Only now will the Toa see the truth, and possibly their end.

So this is Karzahni, G2. I’ve always wanted to build a Karzahni, and with this The Legend Continues contest on BZPower, I thought it’d be a good time to do so.

First, the mask is custom, which is allowed for BZPower’s TLC contest, it is glued onto a Glatorian head.

The upper-arms do articulate. The T-Bar connection lets it lift up when it touches the spike on the shoulder.[/details]


Karzahni by @Ghosty
A lot of the inspiration came from this, especially the mask. The mask design looked stunning, so I tried to replicate it. Of course, it’s not as good, but it still came out pretty well.

Karzahni (G1)
Self-Explanatory. Armoring and personality inspired by this.


Wow this Moc is really good especially the mask it’s simple but effective at the same time to represent Karzani.

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It’s a great G2 moc of him, the arms are a very creative idea, great job.

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I do feel the mask should look more, well, twisted and mad as it does in the source material.
but other than that its pretty great moc

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He looks pretty good, though his armour seems a bit too clean and symmetrical for a madman of Karzahni’s stature. The mask is probably the best part about this, though once again it is a bit bland and flat.

Not a bad mask mod, but the rest is somewhat uninteresting. Well built, certainly, but nothing too special to me.