Karzahni Matoran- Tiri and Stelt

Tiri and Stelt are a Ga-Matoran and a Vo-Matoran, respectively, who were able to escape the island of Karzahni and fled to the island of Stelt. The Vo-matoran had forgotten her name, so she renamed herself after the island they now lived on and labeled herself leader and Tiri deputy of a commune they didn’t have. After the emigration to Spherus Magna, Tiri and Stelt continued to live in the Great Spirit Robot’s remains.




Solid mocs! Tiri is simple but clean, and Stelt has a very cool design

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Tiri seems a lil simplistic, which isn’t necessarily bad, though Stelt is definitely the stronger build her with that wacky head and leg design.


Stelt’s head design is really good.

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Thank you!

I like Tiri, she looks good, but I can hardly tell that Stelt is a Matoran.
it’s a good moc though

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They both look good. the foot design on Stelt kind of look like hooves to me, and I like the head design.

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Karzahni really had a field day while rebuilding Stelt.


hah yeah :laughing:

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