Karzahni Matoran

COLOR INFORMATION: The colors will change, as I have gotten that many do not like the colors and I am in the same boat. When the pieces arrive I will upload more pictures as I am swichting out his colors and adding some things in the build. (Pardon spelling) so this is my first really successful custom body and appendages build. He is a matoran from the land of Kanzani so he is the rebuilt kind. The colors are me using what I have and he does look like he went through the rebuilding process. He was given a claw and blasted to make up for the mistakes made in the rebuilding process


I really like the concepts of the moc, but the colors could be redone. I know, he's a Karzhani-toran, but the colors are still way off for me.
Oh! You could paint the pieces black, and use the techniques in this video to make him look, well, aged? Idk.

Not trying to be too harsh, but keep in mind that I do like your moc.

I completely get it, I dislike the colors as well. I am not going to paint them, but mabey swicht them out as I come across them... I recently had to clean my floor which is where I lay out my parts so that is one reason why he is so discoloured. Thanks for the feedback

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Black axles would help.
You can get a ton on BrickLink btw.

True, I will look into that. I have a really unsteady hand so I would mess up my pieces which is why i do not paint them.

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I understand, man.

me too
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I am preserving some parts now.

Edited title for spelling - Jack_Frost

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Removing the red pins would really help, but other than that I really like the concept and execution of this MOC.

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You will be happy to here that I have black pins coming as well as a second black shell and black ballpoints to improve his look

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No :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool concept. Like the build. I like it how you gave him a blaster hand. Reducing the amount of red axles would help him. Still cool.


I am already on that, I am also taking out red ball joints and the blue connects. I will upload his new colors when I get my package. Thanks

Pretty cool design. I understand the story behind Karzahni Matoran but the super inconsistency in colour hurts me. One thing I like a lot is the red ball joints. Using ball joints in the colour scheme is amazing since most are solid black.

again I am fixing the color, and have already started the color is due to lack of findig pieces of the right color
Here is some Work is an doingnto him

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I like it.

What the Karzahni is this thing

It looks pretty neat.

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Thanks guys, I have added enable knees!!!