Karzahni Moc

Here's a moc I made of Karzahni for my upcoming full-length film "Bionicle Ignition: Island of Doom".

Below is a look at him with two of his many twisted matoran:

A close look at his mask:

Karzahni and Hahli:


What you did with that mask is...



"I prefer the term creative"



  • Color Scheme is very consistent
  • Bulk-Master
  • The legs look extremely bland
  • The mask looks really odd
  • The shoulders-armor is a bit too large
  • The proportions on this moc is atrocious; The body is too round, but the legs/arms are too thin
  • The armor at the bottom of the fore-arm looks odd and out-of-place

I would give this MOC a 6/10.
This MOC is decent, but there are definitely issues in the proportions. Also, might I recommend the The Shapeways Olisi.

Needs a Bit of Work wink


I love the build, it is very Karzahni-ish, but the mask is not too accurate to the one found in the comics, I'd recommend purchasing this one:


But, other than the mask, and the shoulder pads, I love it! 8.6/10!



This is stupendous!

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I love me some karzahni mocs. Very nice!

This isn't my favorite Karzahni, but really any Karzahni is a good Karzahni.

All these people dishing out the complaints about the mask, but I actually like it, quite a bit. Sure it isn't a perfect recreation of the comic version, but as an interpretation, that @BionicleN17 has made himself it is pretty sweet...

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This is quite good actually. My only criticism would be the legs, which aren't very proportional to the body.

And as for the mask, while it isn't perfect, you at least got he colors right, which is something that the Mask that a few people linked doesn't have.

A solid 7.5/10

Looks pretty wierd, but karzahni is wierd so that's not nececarily bad. If you're interested, an official karzahni set does exist.

Amazing except for the mask, but good job!

His series is going to be separated into the three years of the Ignition Trilogy, meaning he needs the Original and Pit versions.

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Nice M.O.C.! smiley

I like the Matoran too. wink For some reason, I've always imagined the Matoran in hiding that helped Jaller & crew to look sorta like the Matoran on the left (orange one).

Wait a second... Is that Vastus's helmet ??? smile


That mask... That MASK!





Georgeous mask!

did you put normal clay or modelling clay for the mask?