Karzahni - The Soul-Eater

If someone’s interested in the story behind this guy, tell me.


Cool G2 Karz. :+1:

Que Paper Moon


Is that some kind of reference? :smiley:


I think you did a good job with this MoC. I might have picked a different mask, but it’s not bad. I don’t see the point in naming him Karzahni though. The MoC doesn’t resemble him. Maybe you’ll say this is the G2 version, but it still needs to have some similarities for that to work.

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Soul Eater
I could not remember the other song

@ToaSonus I didn’t want him to be like G1 Karzahni at all. I just like his name, and that’s why I chose it :smile:

He looks great. Nice job

Really not feeling lamia karzahni.

I mean it’s not a bad moc, it’s just not karzahni.

Nice job on Karzahni, now he does kind a looks like Serpent Overlord in a way.

An amazingly well built 2 Karzahni.

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looks spooky, has Umarak’s colors


Looks great, I’d love to hear the story!

This moc looks AWESOME! And the colors of this moc are great too!

@matanui606 I might post it tomorrow. I have to translate it into english

This doesn’t really strike me as Karzahni. I think it’s mostly cause the MOC has more of a Umarak colour scheme.

Not a fan of the snake tail at all, but this is really cool looking. :slight_smile:

This is really striking.

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Wow that look s kinda cool, never read the comics so I don’t really know who Karzahni is

I got to say this looks great.
Nice use of the Gold Skull Spider Mask.