This is a Matoran (or rather, two matoran,) that were 'fixed' by Karzahni.

The masks are not supposed to be a Kraahkan and krana, just random masks.

Some other views.

This actually includes my first custom gear box design (not a very good one but still.).
The other side.

And another cool pose.
- Note: all broken Lego pieces seen died of natural causes.


The idea of two Matoran being fused into a monstrosity is very interesting, but the build is rather lackluster. This guy seems to be cobbled together with random parts, and not in a good way. I think nothing short of completely reworking him will fix it.


Uhh... Karzoni? I know a Karzahni, but not a Karzoni.

If that thing was alive, I'm pretty sure it would keep saying "kill me". Also this isn't good at all, it just a thrown together random color MOC that everyone could have made.

Well, I believe that was the idea...

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@Dr_Chronos : I probably will end up completely reworking him eventually.
@EvilLobsterKing : Correct.
@HK-47 : Sorry, I'll change the spelling.
@ShadowWolfHount : It is supposed to look like a twisted, tortured monstrosity.
To everyone: I should explain that, wile building this, I had no intention of ever posting this. It's only purpose was to test out the gear box. But, while building this, I decided that it's corrupted, cobbled together look would work as a Karzahnitoran. That is why it doesn't look very good.

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Oh my...

What has science done?

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You convey the idea that this is a mostrosity, but your craftsmanship does not convey it well. The jumble of parts is such an easy thing to execute that one has to do it well in order to really be considered good.

this is odd
it is more of a Strange Hydra than two Matoran that went under karzahni's Blade

Karzahni must have a twisted view of life. Also, it looks more like Karzahni added a few arms from other matoran.