how come no one ever draws the 2007 version

it’s way better



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not bad

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It also doesn’t require you to paint pieces


Looks about accurate to the set. nice job

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Mismatch mask karzahni will always be superior

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I personally don’t see the appeal. The other Karzahni’s colour layout makes him look more like a harlequin or jester than anything intimidating, and his bizarre mask doesn’t really fit Bionicle’s aesthetic at all, especially the two lumps clearly supposed to be goggle lenses. Also the artwork makes it look like he’s squatting as if he’s constipated.

Comparatively, mutated Karzahni ditches the odd, garish purple for a more gradual range of greens, making him look like a living moss covered seabed. He’s full of spikes and unsettling details, like the serrated mandibles sprouting from his torso or the group of teeth set deep into his chest. His head is eerily elongated, with his horns unnaturally jutting out from the sides alongside blood-red eyes surrounded by black parts. He looks less goofy and more legitimately terrifying.


y’know shading is a pretty cool thing

well it has been 4 months cordax

I’ve learned that by now

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