Karzahni's Nonsensical Mask Topic

But does it make them dank?


Kanohi Memeha, Mask of Uselessness....its just a mask with no actual powers other than be useless as a power kanohi.


The Kanohi Handmedown: The mask of motivation

Wearing this mask will motivate to you to work to afford a better mask.



Kanohi Ekorak: Sends any characters the user may create into an unending spiral of depression and death.


Mask of makuta contests:

Anyone who possesses this mask will make a MOC that will win any building contest starring makuta.

Too bad it already ended
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The mask of awkward silence can make everyone in a given conversation stop talking for a brief moment and then attempt to continue after even though everyone paused for seemingly no reason

The mask of replica upon use the user goes and recreats the mask they are wearing thus wasting resources

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it looks like you used the mask of double-posting

The mask of Please Don't Double Post, gives the users the reminder that double posting is against the rules and that your posts should be edited if you want to add anything extra.

Please don't double post again.


Mask of IPods: Apple's latest creation
Mask of Hero Cores: Every Hero Factory helmet ever
Mask of Feeling POWAAAAH: Tahu 2015's original mask
Mask of POWAAAAH: Tahu 2015's golden mask
Mask of Trends: Gives user the ability to know each trend and participate in them and become extremely popular, however the mask is powered by braincells and some are removed each time you use it.

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Mask of internal destruction: upon use the mask destroys itself from the inside out

Mask of dirt breathing: now you can inhale dirt YAY

Mask of misplacement: misplaces stuff not much else

Mask of OH NO THERE IS NO HOLE TO BREATHE: satisfaction garenteed

Mask of splitting: can split the user in half while leaving them alive... until they die from internal bleeding

Mask of galador: makes the user rethink life on a daily basis

Mask of treespeak: no need to spoken gibberish nonsense my friend

The mask of Heat:

Gives the user resistance, so that they cannot be harmed by any flame that isn't touching them!

greatest word play ever.
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Mask of Ultimate Moderation: Keeps any rule breaking mask in check. Nothing overpowers it. Can kill other mask bearers on the spot.

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The amazing ultimate mask of Concealment!

Hides your face.

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Hopefully these haven't been done before:
1: Mask of Plot Twists: Wearer can summon someone/something or cause something to happen that changes the direction of the current situation. However, results are unpredictable.
2: Mask of Excuses: Wearer can come up with a plausible excuse for any situation.
3: Mask of Non-Sequiturs: Wearer will make non-sequiturs. Banana.
4: Mask of Holy-crap-I'm-really-behind-on-the-podcast: Wearer is granted the desire to watch the TTV podcast, but every time he tries to watch it, something comes up, and he forgets about it for another week, and then it just spirals from there.

The Mask of Love: This mask and all who choose to wear it are not canon


The Mask of Amnesia: Inflicts amnesia on wearer when activated. Can be used to forget shows and games to re-experience them!

The Mask of Fandom: Equips user with an awesome horrid cosplay of their least favorite character in a given franchise.

The Mask of Music: When activated, the user is suddenly capable of masterfully playing and creating pieces for any musical instrument, however also makes the user deaf.

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So, the Kanohi Beethoven circa Symphony No. 9?

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Kanohi Random

Randomly chooses the least useful Toa Mata mask power when activated

Least useful as in situational or overall

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Least useful in the situation.

Oh, you need to breathe under water? Here's some epic vision.