Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA

Let's talk about AKIRA.

Disclaimer: this film is two hours long and contains mature content such as gore and a brief near rape scene, Viewer discretion is advised.

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Because there are alot of younger member's here, I removed the link just to avoid them from being exposed to the mature content. You can still discuss the film, just try to avoid referencing any of the explicit content wink


What do you want to talk about regarding the movie? stuck_out_tongue

I think it's not exactly the most gripping movie, it's a tad odd but I love the movie because it's fun... in a sense.

Well, mostly what people liked/dislike about it.
Also what people's personal experiences have been with it.

Alright, I'll answer the second one first, I was exposed to it at the age of four (albeit unintentionally) and the ending of the movie scarred me for obvious reasons. Growing up I'd see the movie in places like Wal-Mart and get shivers thinking about it and the movie rating. I also used to get like that looking at the manga, the first volume cover looked like blood was running through the streets (I own that book now, I know it's sewer water).

What I like about the movie is how everyone reacts to what happens. The characters are just as confused as a viewer would be the first time through watching what happens. I like how the characters are, people expect that characters in every story are supposed to change in personality (e.g. get more mature) for a story to be good - I like how you get a specific vibe from someone or can judge how they act out of one scene and it stays that way the entire movie (well, kinda sans Tetsuo), because realistically the timeframe of the movie isn't very long at all for that sort of change.

If there's anything I don't really like about the movie, it's Kaneda when he's able to hop off fast motorcycles so easily or jump onto them, or battle with Tetsuo so easily (that's another issue in the comics) without serious harm.

I watched this movie when I was five or six. smiley

It is my favorite anime, even though I can barely remember it.

Watch it again, yo. Absolutely worth it. I've seen it about seven times in just over the last year. stuck_out_tongue

I agree. Even if it's confusing and convoluted (Which it is. Read the manga. Makes a whole lot more sense.) it's a visual masterpiece in and of itself.
Here and here are two videos detailing why. The first video only has minor language so nothing really big to worry about.

(Old news) So there’s a 35th anniversary box set of the original manga up for pre-order. Aside from being an easy way of getting it all at once, it’s also going to be right to left as it originally was. The U.S. release has only ever been flipped.
I can’t edit on mobile for some reason. Unfortunately this means a double post.

I looked at this but forgot to reply, looks awesome. I’m not sure if I wanna spend all that money on it though. Maybe I should save up for it or something haha. (I also already have volume 1 so there’s that)

I’ll wait until we have actual images of the interior before I commit any cash, but it does look better than the current release we have.

I would actually like to see a re release of the Marvel edition of the comics. The coloring on that was very interesting.