Katya - Druid of the Sands

Vodka-chugging, wasteland-wandering, dual-shielding master of druidic sand magic.









I’m really hoping that these images are not actually squished down like they’re previewing, doing it manually is such a hassle. If they are…give me a few minutes and I’ll have them fixed.

Eyo. I’m back, for now. Meet Katya. Crab girl. Took me 4 years to make good on a concept I had back in 2015, but she’s finally here. Not entirely satisfied, but I think she came out pretty well.

Also, her torso uses some serious dark magic sorcery, so if you’re one of those people who likes to figure out how stuff is built, I wish you the best of luck.

See you on the flip side.



Why the tail if it’s a crab?

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Species thing. She’s a female Revenant, which means she has a long flexible tail. Male Revenants instead have broad fanlike tails, like Entropy. Bit of a weird quirk, I know, but I like my consistency :stuck_out_tongue:


Great head design

Cool use of the Carapar pieces!

Not gonna lie, thought she was a triceratops or a bug at first, a great idea and the shield bits do sorta convey the crab look. Perhaps add some claw pieces to further the look?

The head is awesome

So… It’s a female sand magician? Doesn’t that make it… a SAND-WICH!!!


@SonicBionicleMaster @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister @Toa_Radrix
Thank ye!

I tried that but I ran into the issue where most of LEGO’s weapons were silver, and it looked very out of place on her. I would have tried to make them out of system, but I really lack any keetorange System parts, so I stuck with the dual-shields instead. “Crab girl” was mostly just the pitch - it isn’t the final concept that completely defines her. Glad for the feedback though! Might try to include that for a future update.


The mantax claw piece comes in yellow if that’s a viable substitute.

I understand the issues with concept not being visible in product, good luck with updating the moc!

Simple and compact, I feel like that gem is better placed in the hole in the chest.


Realistically, yes. Unfortunately, I’d have to slightly mess up the torso build in order to fit the gem into the actual armor piece, and the original intention was actually more of a navel-jewelry type look. Again, however, definitely something to look into for future versions - I can’t imagine it would be terribly difficult to move it up to that hole in the Carapar armor.