Kaukau additional power canonization

Kaukau’s mask power is so overly specialized that even Ruru is more useful in comparison. I read somewhere about other uses of Kaukau like supplying the user with oxygen or letting the user breathe in poisonous and toxic environment. Could Greg canonize this?


Honestly I’ve had the same idea in my own headcanon for years now, just so that it can actually be more useful. Compared to so many other Kanohi, the Kaukau is pretty underwhelming.

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Maybe the kaukau could even allow its user to breathe in space (?)

He has, unfortunately, explicitly expressed before that this is not the case.

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I honestly don’t see how the Kaukau is over specialized? It’s like a compact set of scuba gear, great for any underwater operation. We see characters go underwater all the time, so I don’t see how that wouldn’t be useful.


Here’s your answer: Official Greg Discussion | Page 47

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