Kavora The Creator


yes, I am aware that the back armor is using a modified part. but in order to accomplish the design I was going for, I had to modify that specific part in order to actually use it without breaking the gear function or straining the parts. Also, when it comes to the, butt armor? I don’t know what you would call it, anyway it is NOT straining or breaking the parts in any way, I just had no way of officially attaching it, so I just sorta sandwiched it, I don’t believe it’s an illegal attachment or usage of a part, because it’s technically not attached nor is it straining it in any way, shape, or form. Now, please enjoy this moc. I spent weeks working on making it, and I still am not entirely happy with the whole thing. also there are no blue pins what so ever, that was hard to do. like, really hard. anyway! enjoy! :slight_smile:

Behold! Kavora! The biggest! Baddest! most EVIL moc in all of everything ever! ok that’s a lie it’s just a tiny construction drone. It has a function I guess? if you press on his back he punchs? no? ok ):

look he builds stuff!

here is a back view

did I mention he has a gun? well anyway he has a gun.

and also a hover craft!

okay, I lied about having no blue pins, I guess there are no visible blue pins, right?

he even rolls up into a ball for convenient storage!

sadly though, the hovercraft does not hover, I just used a bit of scotch tape to give off that effect.

I gave Kavora some tools, you were probably expecting hammers and axes or whatever, but this is what I made, I made some modifications to his un-named hovercraft, I think it looks and works much better now. and I even gave some backstory to how Mikro got his mech! so overall I think the past day of my life was well spent.

hmm, what should I use today?

I wonder what this does…
Oh, that’s what that does…

and another hovercraft!

One day at Kavora’s shop…

“Hi Kavora, do you have any new weapons for me today?” Mikro asks

“wait a minute…”

“how about this?”

“wait that’s not finished!” Kavora yells.

“IT’S PERFECT! How much is it?” Mikro asks. “10,000 wigits.” Kavora responds

“I’ll take it.”


Cute! I really like this guy’s funky proportions! Though I recommend either using black or silver. The two together doesn’t go too well with the yellow.


When it comes to the color sceme, I was going for a caution tape kind of look for him, I thought it would go well with the whole construction theme I have going on. I see where your getting at, but it’s not what I originally had intended for him, although, fun fact, I do believe Kavora means crab, in some language, that has nothing to do with the moc I just think that’s a cool sounding name.


I can’t see anything that needs to be improved- this guy is epic! You could make him some construction tool accessories???

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Getting some big WALL-E vibes from this, nice work.

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Good Idea! I think I might actually do that :slight_smile:

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Did I say that I like this?
Because I do…

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When somebody is stuck halfway though a Borohk Transformation


Great work. What does the gear function do?

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if you push his back he punchs.

All of his limbs are geared though

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I know, that’s so he can punch.

His legs are too; does he punch and run simultaneously?

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no, the reason I have it attached to the legs is so all I have to do in order for him to punch is poke his back. If you really don’t understand, just try building it yourself, then poke it, and you will see…

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This is just brimming with personality! It’s pretty unique, in an awesome way.