Kay the Frost wolf

Here's something I created long time ago but haven't published it at my YouTube account yet. Kay is sort of Ninja or Samurai moc. He's based up to my self moc Zack. Moc contains CCBS, Bionicle, Technic and some lego parts. It stands about 26 cm high. Build is not that complicated as it seems. It' would be nice get some credit if you found anything useful for build. Feel free to ask more about this creation.




Rahkshi head asside, he seems decent. Torso and legs appear really thin and odd. D'you think you could change the arms, maybe have one of the balljoints for an upper arm rather than a ballhinge?

He's more of a samurai, considering the sword and hat...


Yes probably as soon as I found enough parts to create good looking custom arms.

It looks pretty good! I like the hat, though the feet have some sort of weird high-heel thing going on, it seems.

Otherwise, the weapon looks cool, the Rahkshi head works well in it, and it's overall good-looking.

Thanks. That heel is there to lift foot just a bit because without it he wouldn't stand straight.

Pretty good. The inika feet on the legs feel bulky for a relatively thin MOC.

He looks very interesting. Good job

The Frost Wolf stands ready

It doesn't really give me a wolf feeling, he looks more like a Shogun or Samurai to me.

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Nice hat

but i see no wolf all i see is a rakshi

Maybe it is a nickname


He doesn't look like a wolf.... Doesn't look Frosty... But good MoC anyway!