Kazie (Wind goddess or whatever)

Kazie is the goddess of wind. and uh. that’s about it :minidisc:
The thigh design is by Toa Ju

(Green chick is Speara. They’re sisters in the lore i will never finish)

Toa Ju:


inb4 nuva boob complaints.

This this really good.

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I’m not sure how I feel about the arms and hands, but everything else is pretty cool! I like the melee weapon and torso the most.

Those greebles are beautiful. Great moc👍

This is a really great moc. I will say that I got a lava goddess vibe from this moc’s color scheme, which is odd with all the white on this moc. I think I have been playing too much Pathfinder and D&D.

Pretty cool! :3 we need more females, also just her design screams…“KILL WITH ALL THE COLORS OF.THE WIND” you get a cookie if you get the pocohontas ref XD

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I’m surprised nobody has said it, so…

Very thicc.


Its really good but the system looks really messy

Some of the proportions are off, but the head design is pretty cool.

Not a bad wind goddess or whatever.

Some of the greebling kind of kills the slim aesthetic, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

Very nice. Not getting much of a wind goddess vibe, seems more renegade/bounty hunter. Otherwise, perfectly fine and good. Excellent work!

11/10 would like again

The proportions are kinda stylized

I really like the head and wonder how you built it.

I like the design you did with the head there.

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I like this MOC a lot! Big fan of what you did with the lower legs (and the thighs but they’re not yours, good implementation though) and the head. I’d like to see a topic for “green chick” , she looks cool.
@Brightlord77 where’s my free cookie!?
@Leoxander Yes… #thicc

Nice moc I don’t see the wind goddess thing but still is a great moc.

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I love the torso design on Kazie and the upper legs are mostly very nicely build. I like the design of the head too.


Green Chick has been a WIP for a while actually. she’s like 97% done i just haven’t been able to order the few parts i need to add to her. Glad you like her :grin:

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