Keepahrak, the Eternal Wanderer

then maybe go back to square 1?

because this is a titan that doesn’t have nearly the amount of bulk or structural integrity to justify the size class.

in short, lose the bohrok arm joints, beef up everything, and make it less spindly.

it looks like it’s going to collapse onto itself at a moment’s notice.

I touched up the front a bit. That should at least make the torse and arms a little less spindly. I shall do some more stuff on it though. Also General Grievous isn’t too happy about losing a shoulder so I’m not exactly on his good side.


did not help in the slightest.

at all.

in fact, it looks even worse with that add-on.

^ this

it separates two like textures with something that doesn’t match any other texture on the body. doesn’t look good

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Oh yeah I’m seeing that, doesn’t fit with the more intricate gen. 1 parts.

how bout now

still way too thin.

can thin bionicle not exist?

Ok, I think that this would benefit the most from a complete overhaul. The upper torso is great, and should stay, but everything is else doesn’t feel right.[quote=“ProvokingPerch, post:31, topic:27068, full:true”]
can thin bionicle not exist?

not if it looks like they can’t support they’re own weight.



Thin designs do exist. This just isn’t a particularly well executed design for that.

I do side with you on the fact that it’s thin though, as it’s kinda my style as well, but mine tend to be a lot smaller as well. My current Self-MOC is no taller than an Inika build.

I recommend starting over and thinking a bit more systematically with it. I like the concepts here but the execution falls off a bit too hard in practice

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any better?

@Ekorak I might do that. This is a pretty ambitious first MOC, although I’m quite happy with how its turned out so far.

the legs and arms are still kinda bootleg.

So the torso’s ok now?

Weird, but I like it anyway. However, I feel like this MOC should have some more armor and should be shorter. Besides that, this is alright. 5/10

EDIT: Looked at the updated pictures. I still think it could be a bit shorter.

Thanks. I agree, it could definately use some covering up although I do like how it absolutely hulks over all the other bionicles on display next to it.

Also in an unrelated note, wouldn’t 5 be average? Because 7.5 is like the middle ground between average and amazing.

I honestly don’t really like this. It seems so cobbled together and lanky.

My personal recommendation is to not use preset limbs.

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The Vahki are robots created by Nuparu. She does look a lot like a Vortixx though. I like her, though she could use some filling out where there’s bare, gappy technic, such as the lower chest area. I like the lanky look and the bohrok hat. :slight_smile:


Oh awesome, this was quite heavily inspired by Roodaka so Vortixx it is. And yeah I’m working on that atm, also thanks! One of the main reasons I started making this was I thought a bohrok shell and vahki head would be a cool combination.

@SwagMeister Might do something about that, although the lankiness is intentional but maybe it is in excess in some areas. However they greatly aid the articulation so not sure I want to remove them.

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Alright, here’s some improvements I’ve made:

-Added a Rahkshi back to the butt area so the body has more form.

-Added Bohrok eyes to the Bohrok leg bits in the knee area.

-Attached Bohrok feet (with Hordika necks to fill in the open sockets) to the existing feet for improved stability

-Replaced the existing front shoulder pieces with Hordika feet for extra bulk.

-Added some plates behind the Vahki-leg-piece thighs. Initially it was the grey ones but I preffered the Ice Bohrok shields. However I could only find one so for now there’s some assymetry.

-Filled in the empty axel space behind the head with a ‘V’-like piece and added some Bohrok fangs at the end of the ‘braids’.

-Messed with the middle torso a little.