Keetongu for gen 2

Here is what I think they should do, they should make a Keetongu for gen 2, maybe call him the watcher or the cyclops.

I think it turned out alright but there's always room for improvement. I hope they bring back characters like him although I doubt it.


Like I said when you first built it, I feel the lower torso needs to be a bit more bulked.


It looks pretty good, but not like a G2 moc.


Did you know the weapons can spin like the normal Keetongu one?


No I did not. My original statement still stands, but that's really cool stuck_out_tongue


If thats how G2 Keetongu is... umm... I think he needs CCBS and practicly 0 G1 parts ;S

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Peer Creep and Helryx. Representing a G2 version of a G1 character needs to fit the style by using less G1 parts, which have been melted down anyway.


...and G2 set-like mocs should not use old BS parts (they can indeed use weapons, thats all)

I don't see why it can't use older parts. Chima has used Piraka feet before, I don't see why old pieces can't be used.

The piraka feet got lucky.

I'm fairly certain pieces like Metru feet and Vahki waists have been melted down though.

Why would Lego do that? That would be a waste of money for a mold they probably spent quite a sum of money on.

Because, maybe, they needed to recast the metal from molds for parts that were obsolete into molds for parts that they were going to use in the future?

Or maybe they just needed space for molds that they were actually going to use?