Kehima kaumakuran

The Kehima kaumakuran , or Kaumakuran “bird” is a large, tetropod animal. It has wings and beak like a bird, body of a mammal, and feet like a amphibian. They say that the eyes of the animal can see into the soul of a person. If the person has a good heart, the “bird” is gentle. However, if it does not like the person’s heart, they will attack.

Custom torso.

Feedback and criticism is needed.


This is really cool!
It’d be even better if you built it IRL, because then you could do poses and the like, but this is still really cool. Good job!

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I wish I could, but I don’t have the time or money to do that :frowning:

Do you have any lego?
It’s not expensive to buy lego off of Bricklink. You just have to watch out for international shipping.

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@meepinater Yes, I have lego, but I’m just a TfoL who wouldn’t want to bother my parents. I have mostly system, so If I make a moc irl, then maybe I’ll post it here.

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That’d be awesome!

Anyways, I’m not against LDD. I just like seeing what people can come up with IRL, since LDD has practically unlimited parts and colors.

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I do use LDD myself, sometimes.