Kejero: Iron Will

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Kejero is a Toa of Iron, formerly headstrong and confident in his own abilities, which allow him to defeat basically any opposition. However, after an incident involving someone with a power-blocking ability would have ended in his own demise had it not been for the intervention of Baruka, Kejero's overconfident nature was broken. He now takes a more humble approach to the world, though no less powerful, attempting to dissuade others from being just as brash as himself.

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Are you going to add any actual new MOCs anytime soon?

Dude, this MOC is awesome! I love the use of orange and Metru gold, it really seems to fit together.
I like his weapons too, all of them unique and very well made.
Great MOC overall, I don't think I really have any complaints.

@Axonn126 Thank you!
@Hawkflight Yep. Got some deadlines coming up - namely the September BZP flickr contest.

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Lovely as always, Chro.

Out of curiosity, are the weapons based on hook swords?

@Garnira Thanks! Yes, they were an inspiration.

Very nice @Chro ! The orange and dark gold go surprisingly well together!


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That really reminds me of Phos

Oh, sorry to hear that. Was there anything you thought was good about the MOC?

(Oooh sick Phos burn. He's a nice guy, his MOCs aren't the worst, I'm just not a fan of his style of proportioning and such.)

Mostly the orange Pakari.

Ah. In that case, the original Nuparu probably looks like Phos, then, doesn't he? wink

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