Kelack - Jaller's Entry for "Battle for the Golden Mask" Contest #Bionicle2015

Hi guys,here's my MOC Entry for the "Battle for the Golden Mask" Contest,i already presented it on BZPower but i want a feedback from you because this is my primary forum for Bionicle2015.

First,in the images i writed "By Jaller219".Well,that is my BZPower UsernameThis MOC is Absolutely mine.

Name : Kelack.

Type : Makuta.

Powers : Fire and Shadow control.

BIO : Kelack is one of the six Elemental Makuta.He's higly respected from his brothers and his powers are unlimited,with his gigantic arms he can grab and crumble everything.Like the other Makuta,he's extremely cruel and powerful.I suggest not underestimate him.

Here's the full IMGUR Album :

And this is the Rebrick Bookmark :

Well,this is my MOC,hope you guys like it!!


Why is it that whenever I see someone else's entry, I feel a part of me die inside because I realize how futile it was for me to enter stuck_out_tongue


Don't break yourself man,i have 10 years of building behind me,and still i see on Rebrick MOCs beautiful than mine.It's a competition,made for fun smile

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*looks at rules
gui, they said to use ccbs mainly!
eh, otherwise this looks prettty cool

Technic. They said to use technic mainly, not ccbs.

Exactly,they said to use technic mainly,not ccbs...otherwise this wouldn't be a Bionicle contest! I read the rules 10 times.
So this entry is 100% legit smile
BTW,thank your for the feedback!

strange, i could have sworn it said only constraction, which was generilised as ccbs system..or i am goin insane

"To Enter on ReBrick:

Using a minimum of 75% LEGO® Constraction/TECHNIC bricks and no more than 25% System bricks, build a Bionicle villain. You can use LDD if you lack the necessary parts, but we will only accept rendered versions of the LDD files.
Take a photograph of you new creation."

This is what Rebrick rules say


i reread it before i mad- you know what..never mind
edit: autocorrect corrected after to before..


You have exceeded the norm for this message board.

Meaning that with your permission, I'll give my full critique.

But only with your permission, because my full critique could be quite painful if not prepared.

Message board level critique: Looks a bit like a typical BIONICLE G1 titan, so nothing out of the blue there, but he looks very well armored. Rahkshi head is overused though and he would have benefited from a more custom head.


Fun fact: the critque isnt painful because of words, it painful because you have to read it

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It's painful because,in fact,it's a critique eheheh

Love that photoshop! The red/orange and old-school gunmetal really clash though IMO.

Thanks man,i really appreciate it!

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