Kel'krish, The Demon Lich / First MOC!

This is my first moc upload on the message boards! I’m hoping to get some good criticisms for my moc Kel’krish, and maybe have him appear in the MOC Spotlight! I based him off the Warcraft Lich Kel’thuzad hence the horns and the staff. In addition, it lead me to go for a demonic/undead look, using bright red and white and black to represent these aspects respectively. I also tried to make him look as intimidating as possible. I believe his size is what helps him accomplish this the most. He is absolutely massive, with his height from foot to horn being 57.8 centimeters or about 22.8 inches. and his wing span being about half that. With such size though, as many builders know, comes the issue of balance and articulation. I was unable to do much with the first problem, as his giant wings made him quite top heavy. On the second matter however, Kel’krish accels in. Despite his figure, The Demon Lich has a full range of motion in his legs, and can even do a complete split without breaking. The movement of his arms is slightly hindered, though this is due only to his weapons: a large but plain spear, and a small broadsword. Lastly, I would like to note that he is meant to be viewed from the front, and because of this, the back is largely unadorned with any special features. I took care, however, to make sure that it didn’t look completely bare. As for the backstory of this moc: Kel’krish is part demon, part lich, and completely evil. Sometimes known as the Dragon of Dread (on account to his massive wings), this ancient being is the embodiment of hatred and chaos itself, bringing even the Makuta’s forces of darkness to shame. Being part lich, Kel’krish has an inate ability to raise and control the dead, doing so through the use of his mighty staff in his right hand. Being part demon, however, he can also call forth the fires of Hell to purge the land of his enemies with the large broadsword in his left hand. With his abilities and immense power, it is said that Kel’krish will one day slaughter the Great Spirits, and plunge the world into eternal chaos and destruction unless stopped by an unfortold hero…


welcome to the boards!
Your moc while massive is also messy with all the textures (especially the wings)
You have a nice color scheme going but those flame pieces don’t feel right.
The thighs have an interesting build, and heres some advice bigger doesnt mean better


I have to agree with @nexolo in that the textures are messy together, but I think this has potential. The color scheme is nice, and I like that it’s mostly custom.

Thanks for the feedback! I can say that the issue with textures is due to lack of variety of parts. But if I didn’t use what I had he’d probably look very bare and scrawny.

Thanks! I’d like to tell you, though, that the only thing that isn’t custom is his arms. This is due to the fact that there aren’t really many basic formulas for a MOC this size. I mean he’s bigger than the Kardas Dragon so I couldn’t even use that as a template lol.

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Grahamcracker117 Just to let you the board has a thing we’re you can’t do two pots in a row. I made that mistake to many times and got suspended.

Also great moc, I’ve not been able to make big Mocs look so good.

Could you please do a how to on this, I want to learn how you did such a good big moc. Please

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I like how you did the head and torso

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Messy and cluttered

Big doesn’t always equal good.

But this is fairly good besides the mess. Clean it up and it will be prestine.


Sorry but that would take forever lol. It took me a week and a half to build this guy lol

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Oh the irony.


Love the wings