Kental, another villain MOC

So this is a fairly old MOC of mine. He's a vhaine (another species in my storyline) and he is the last of his kind. To learn more about his character, click here.

Just a front view today, I'll post a couple more views of him tomorrow. I'm pretty proud of the Whenua Hordika head on his shoulder because I think it flows very well with the rest of the MOC. His torso might need a bit of bulk, IMO, but I'll wait for some more feedback before I give this guy his overdue upgrade.

And here's his weapon, the Pain's Edge. Dem curves tho

Anyway, all feedback is welcome. So thanks in advance!


Coolio but what's with the asymmetrical shoulders.

I quite liked the idea of asymmetrical shoulders. It was also something I've never really done before, because symmetry does tend to lose some traction if you use it too much, IMO.


very cool. have no real complaints, and I think he would be cool stop motion character...


He's a little difficult to pose because the ball joint on his right arm is quite loose for some reason and I have none spare. But thanks! smiley

I usually feel asymmetrical shoulders only work in the sense of one being unarmored and the other, the one with the arm bearing the weapon, being armored. This looks...okay...but it's a bit distracting. As a whole, it's still a very solid MOC.


Yeah, I see what you mean. I suppose it doesn't help that it's basically the same as his head. stuck_out_tongue
I'll definitely be experimenting with some other ideas, or making his shoulders symmetrical if I can acquire another Whenua Hordika mask. Thanks for the comment!

Very nice! I love the shapes. And that weapon is fantastic. I reccomend you add some larger, Hydraxon-style hands. He's certainly big enough for them.

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