Keran, Toa of Earth {MOC}

This is a MOC I made a while ago, to test a custom torso I had made and to use a Mctoran head that was just lying around.

Back shot:

That’s all.


Looks like Onepu only wanted purple on his mask

I think


Well it’s…a thing.

Doesn’t feel very Toa-like to me. The stocky shoulder armor doesn’t work if he doesn’t have a broad chest to complement it.

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Could use a bit more purple, nice photography though.


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He looks a bit disproportionate. Either his legs need to be shorter, or the rest of him needs to be bigger.

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Looks like Onipex to me.

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Pretty cool,he’s really unique

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Plural’s Avo Boi’s Quick Review:

  • Torso looks good.
  • Mata hands are cool.
  • Mostly simply done.
  • Purple needs to be spread out more.
  • Piraka foot on the back looks Meh.
  • Feet are Meh.

Overall I give this a 6/10.

Needs a bit of work. :wink:


Pretty interesting build. I definitely like it.


I give this moc 7/10 because the back could have been a little more covered, But hey! I like it :slight_smile:

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Looks like an imp that stole a matorans mask. It’s bizarre and I love it.

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