Kerrick Rekonnas DAREDEVIL Sheriff

"The Finest of Rekonna are here"

Name: Kerick
Element: Stone
Occupation: Rekonnas Sheriff (formerly a Fortune Hunter)
In the Greatlands People say the Progressive Survive. that is What Rekonnian Toa and Matoran think living in the Technic Houses. Kerick was once a Matoran living in one of the Many Houses above the Scorching Sands. When he went into a tomb he found a Ritual stand and a blinding light . When he returned he came back a Toa. Now armed with his Rifle DARE! and More than Belives He holds the Future Of Rekonna in his Hands.
"I fight For Rekkonas Future Do you Dare That You will Survive?"

Close Up



This is his Rifle DARE! Because it Dares His Adversaries To Survive.


Rifle is okay, maybe a bit cluttered, body seems very small in proportion to the limbs, and the shoulderpads should probably be replaced and/or flipped.


I made him to Have A Rugged Steampunk Western Style

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Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is OK
  • The Weapon is pretty Shweet
  • Leg articulation is limited
  • Should pads are Meh
  • Maybe a bit more Brown?

I would give this MOC a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work wink


I understand that, but the shoulder pads are still weird, and the proportions are still off.

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Love it!

Love the scope.

You know what I only have one beef with this, WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH IS DAREDEVIL CAPSED? it made me think of Marvel's daredevil.

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This looks pretty good, but a bit disproportionate. Maby you could shorten the limb pieces?

It looks pretty steampunk. smile