Ketrass "Stone Slicer", Creature of Stone

After seeing illustrations from the Bionicle artbook this mourning, I knew that I had a new mission in Mocing. Starting with this creature, I am going to attempt to build all the concept unity creatures that were never put into production. This is based off of the snake creature of stone.

I took a few creative liberties. And yes, the sawblade on the tail does spin.

I also added a little energy blade detail to the tail.

While playing around with his articulation, I discovered that he has a skink mode.

And where would we be without the unity function?

Comments? Criticisms? What did you like or dislike? Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. And there’s more concept art creatures to come!


Wait, so that’s how the creatures where going to look and function? Man, we got gipped.


@MaximusPrime Well, one of them at least. The book shows at least three rejected creature ideas for each individual toa.


What where the other two?


@MaximusPrime A beetle and a dragonfly. My adaptions of those will be coming in the near future.


That looks cool. Would have been interesting if we got this as an official set


It’s relatively bulky but heavy looking to were Pohatu will have trouble standing in some poses and looks awkward like this:


10/10 (better than Ketar)

My only critique would be that the brown horn/spike things on the tail near the sawblade kinda bulge out and look awkward. I don’t know how you would fix it, though.


@BioKnight @ReeseEH Thank you

@Square @ReeseEH I could certainly try to slim up the tail but I’m not quite sure how I would slim up the rest of the body. Most of that is for shoulder armor and it is somewhat bulky in the concept art. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

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I like it, but wait till you see mine


@Kojo can’t wait. :slight_smile:

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I wish we got this instead of Ketar, it’s much better, I believe.


@Runa. I feel the same way. Even tho I kinda liked ketar.


I liked Ketar, but this is waaaaay better. Can you give us instructions/a tutorial on how to build him?


@thundermaster612 Maybe on January 10th. That’ll be a year since I first joined the boards. And I’m planning something special to celebrate.

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Snake/Skink creature? That WAY better than than a scorpion! Well done!

No hard feelings, Lego, but wow! WOW! You skipped a GOLDEN concept here! Ah, well. Maybe it would have required too many pieces to fit the price limit.


@Jedder77 thanks. Though personally my least favorite g2 set is melum.
@Fidda. I could stop laughing after a saw ketar. I just lost my breath.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Could use some improvement, but interesting nonetheless.

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@Alex_Twenty_Two. Thank you. I’m open to suggestions for improvement.

Ah man and here I thought I where the only one who came up with the idea of having the creatures turn into weapons for the Toa. seems I should have posted the picture’s befor Lego released the offfical artwork

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