Ketros M.o.S.C. V1.5 Trailer

Hmm M.o.S. stood for Master of Shadows, could it possibly mean Master of Shadowed Carbon? :wink:


Master of Super Carbs

maybe because he’s buff?


He looks so cooul. Why can’t you give us the pictures? :weary:


GASP a @Plural comment on a moc which is not first its a rare sighting jot it down members

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Because that defeats the purpose of a trailer.
Re:SwagMeister, Lol, this one made me laugh.

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I don’t think trailer topics are allowed. @Political_Slime , @legomaster1378
Plus, double post.

Indeed. @Toa_Ketros, if you have no other pictures to post, I’m afraid I’m going to have to close this down for now.

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Man, I’ve been doing pretty good about alerting mods lately…

Ah, sorry bout’ that.

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Gonna take that as a no then. Can’t wait to see the MOC when it’s finished! Feel free to send me a PM if you’ve got any questions/concerns!

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