Ketros M.o.S.C. V1.5 Trailer

Hmm M.o.S. stood for Master of Shadows, could it possibly mean Master of Shadowed Carbon? wink


Master of Super Carbs

maybe because he's buff?


He looks so cooul. Why can't you give us the pictures? weary


GASP a @Plural comment on a moc which is not first its a rare sighting jot it down members

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Because that defeats the purpose of a trailer.
Re:SwagMeister, Lol, this one made me laugh.

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I don't think trailer topics are allowed. @Political_Slime , @legomaster1378
Plus, double post.

Indeed. @Toa_Ketros, if you have no other pictures to post, I'm afraid I'm going to have to close this down for now.

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Man, I've been doing pretty good about alerting mods lately...

Ah, sorry bout' that.

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Gonna take that as a no then. Can't wait to see the MOC when it's finished! Feel free to send me a PM if you've got any questions/concerns!

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