Key of the Codrex - Artakha's Short Story

Key of the Codrex

There was a flash of sudden light and a blur of color. Deep within the core of the universe, a massive structure known as the Codrex stood. For so long it had lay untouched on the inside; until now.
A tall figure clad in green and gray adaptive armor blinked his eyes at the sudden darkness. This place, known as the Codrex, when translated meant “Key Lock.” And for a good reason too; its walls were impenetrable, so the only means of entry besides the massive door at the front was teleportation.
The figure raised his hand, activating his powers once more. Three huge vehicles that resembled guns with wings attached appeared in the chamber. These vehicles, the Axalara, the Jetrax, and the Rockoh, were the finest pieces of technology ever built. “And I would know,” said the being, “After all, I built them.”
The name of the vehicles’ creator was etched into the side of each of them, Artakha.
The wearer of the Mask of Creation remembered back to a month ago, when a Toa on his island who wore a Kanohi Prophota, the Mask of Clairvoyance had brought him news that her mask had sent her a sign.
Though the Toa hadn’t known what it meant, Artakha had immediately understood; it had told him two things. The first of these was to construct these vehicles and place them here. The second task though, was far more difficult.
The Codrex had an entry point at the front, one that could only be accessed by placing a key, known as the keystone, into the lock.
The keystone had been entrusted to a member of The Hand of Artakha, an organization that was named after him (though Artakha himself was not a member).
Unfortunately, this member was killed by a rogue Makuta, and the keystone was taken. Though it was recovered, the Hand realized that they could not risk the chance of it being captured again, and used before it was time, and so they had entrusted Artakha himself with the keystone.
The sign given to him by the wearer of the Prophota had informed him that even in his hands, there was still too much of a risk that it could be stolen again.
Artakha stared down at the stone, now split into six pieces. He would scatter them throughout this land, and only those who were destined to enter the Codrex would be able to find all six pieces.
He activated his power once more, teleporting himself outside the structure. He stared around, scanning the terrain for good places to hide the shards of the stone.
He spotted a small vine growing in the mud a ways off. He teleported to it, and laid one of the stones on the ground next to it. Immediately, the vine shot out and wrapped itself around the stone, letting out quiet whispering screams as it did so.
Artakha looked down at the plant, realizing what it was, “Morbuzakh,” he said, “This keystone can only be obtained by someone who is cautious.”
He teleported again, this time to a cave that burrowed into one of the few stalagmites that grew up from the ground of this land. He entered the cave and placed it on the ground, and said, “This stone will only be able to be retrieved by one with the perseverance to go onwards.”
He teleported once more, this time directly into the waters at the bottom of the swamp. Artakha was immune to the effects of the mutagen in the water, but he could not speak aloud while in it. He placed one of the stones in the mud and silently thought, “This stone will only be retrieved by one who is immune to this mutagenic water … or one who is willing to sacrifice their appearance to obtain it.”
Artakha swam to the surface of the water, and looked upwards towards the ceiling. He teleported to a ledge and placed all three remaining stones there. He said, “Only friends who can work together will be able to obtain these stones.”
Artakha activated his powers once more, teleporting himself out of Karda Nui.

All the things he stated would come true. The first stone would be obtained by Gali, whose caution would allow her to get the stone.
The second stone would be obtained by Gavla, during her journey back to her village.
The third stone would be obtained by Krika, who would dive into the waters to retrieve it.
The last three stones would be obtained by Kirop, Solek, and Wekuo, who would work together to get them.
Though some of these stones would fall into the hands of those who would try and use them for evil, in the end, good would triumph and be able to get them all.
This is the tale of the keystones…



I really like how much thought you put into this. I particularly like how Artakha takes a more decisive role in helping the Heros. Wonderful background story.

Well done.

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i cant get enough of these stories!!!!!!