Khace, the Irrelevant

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A relatively quick MOC made to test out color combinations and proportions.

Also check out Chro and Kejero.


These colors indeed look very well!

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Where'd you get that turquoise Miru?

Mctoran kongu?

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Oh right, never managed to get that one...
Geez that was a long while ago...

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That colour scheme is awesome! Wow, nice torso too!

@Risebell Brickfair vendors. stuck_out_tongue
Thanks everyone!

Irrelevant? Is this secretly an @ToaVuhii MOC?


I would retort, if this weren't so true.


The really irrelevant thing is the title. I initially just wrote "Khace" but apparently there's a seven-character minimum for topic titles.

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That's a darn good build, perfect for a Toa of air.

It didn't display this topic as existing for me in my "New"

So yeah, it's really cool looking.

Nice kinda minimalist with the turquoise. Enough to be prevalent, but not so that it's over saturated. It works well with the scheme overall.

The colours go very good together. I love howbuoy used the Mahri bullets as to fill in the armor. Nice Moc and keep on mocin'.

@RangerSilver6 Thanks! I suppose he could be, though I didn't label him as such primarily due to the prevalence of red and grey in the color scheme.
@Nyran Thanks, Ny.
@Aeros Thanks! I shall.

True, but the overall shape really fits.

Beautifully complex as always. smiley

Also, I first read this as "@Kahi, the Irrelevant". stuck_out_tongue


So did I.

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I really like the colour scheme (even though both grays are use) and I never really see turquoise mirus used on mocs. Amazing as usual! smiley

@Awesomenessborn Both grays are use? >.>

The old gray and the new gray (ex. rakshi limb is old and piraka leg is new)