Khaosa, embodiment of chaos custom mask

This isn’t really a moc as it is more of just showing off a custom mask. The actual moc hasn’t changed since my last post.
Since my plan to mold the peices

Failed every time I went to mold it I decided to take a spare olmak (brutaka’ mask) and cut / paint it as the new mask. Luckily most targets for custom peices aren’t that expensive so I might start doing this for some Mocs.

Comparison to her official Lego mask


Very well done, the cuts and paintwork is very clean. A great job overall.

I love how sleek and menacing the design is.

It was kinda difficult to tell what mask it originally was good job. though the silver under the eyes doesn’t seem to help me tell what the eyes are, most of the shots i think its trying to be sunglasses or something, while cool and all the mask doesn’t have any real distinguishing features most masks have (I.E the original olmak having its blade things and shelek having its fangs.)

I re like the face.

I can’t help to think that silver part between the eye and mouth looks like kamina glasses. Still decent in some angel.


Its very distracting now…

I love that mask.

How did you make the mask?

It’s was pretty simple; I cut the cheeks off brutakas mask, sanded the cut, and painted. Nothing too difficult.

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I wounldnt ever have the courage to cut lego…

If the olmak was a rare peice I would never even think of this. Put simply if a replacement is 10$+ I won’t do anything to it.

I prefer to make custom made by me 100%

And I will even do a topic for some I just made… 100% by me

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