Khora (Warframe)

"Tenno and beast, red in whip and claws."

Yet another moc based off the frame Khora from the game warframe. The build is very similar to the Gali moc that I made.

And for those who are a fan of warframe, yes I was going to build her Kavaat but I am on a tight schedule due to that fact that I will be attending Bricks By The Bay next month and I don’t believe I will have enought to to go through the phases of trial and error for a cat


those heels tho

and as per usual


she looks amazing, I specially like the hips and the heels. you did a great job

I also really need to play warframe



I’m really happy how those heels came out as well.


Thanks man, I appreciate it. Also I do insist that you do find the time to play warframe because if you like a much more intense grinding version of Destiny where the resources you collect actually matter to make guns that all feel different with a massive mod system, then this game is for you.

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Can you make some kavats to accompany her?

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Very nice curves :sunglasses:

Can we get a picture of Khora and Gali together?

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Its free BTW

Never heard of Warframe, but the double-jointed neck on this thing makes me inordinately happy. The heels are too small, though. I do like her voluptuousness and the cheeky booty beneath the armored skirt–it’s always cool to see a buxom MOC that’s actually well-built.