Kidra, Toa of Mercury

Daughter of the mad Toa Sanguinus, Kidra’s strange destiny brought her through strife and conflict, serenity and sin.

Kidra was born through the fusion of Sanguinus and a Ce-Matoran on Spherus Magna. Her mother was a healer from Artakha who ended up devoting her life to helping the old and battleworn toa recover from the events of Teridax’s reign. Sanguinus was lucid enough to understand there was only so much she could do, however, and after the Ignika granted the matoran species the ability, sacrificed hismelf to bring Kidra into the world.

Growing up in the city of Bazryghan around the old island of Korrothis, Kidra was friends with another matoran named Kazuman. Kazuman combined the Ta-Matoran fascination with forging and the Ko-Matoran desire to decode the workings of the universe, and became a Kanohologist.

Unfortunately, as the guardians of Bazryghan, the Knights of Spherus Magna, became more and more corrupt, they put laws in place to preserve the “holy” old technologies of the Matoran Universe, and persecuted those who tried to create anything new. Kazuman was captured, prompting Kidra to immediately join sides with the rebel faction known as The Druids. She vowed to rescue him.

One of her missions was to capture an ancient Great Being robot known as The Decipherer. With a team of five others, she succeeded. When the Decipherer was cornered, however, he froze the other matoran in time and brought Kidra close, studied her. He explained that he would be neither on the side of the Druids or the Knights, and that his Duty called for him further in the future. He also detected Kidra’s dormant mercury powers. She fell unconscious. When she awoke, she was a toa. She and all of her squad were back in the Druids’ base in Bota Magna.

As a new toa, Kidra should have been sent to the Elemental Council for training, but as the Druids opposed the council, she was instead trained by several of the Druids’ members. This included Ackar, Gloriana, Telzira and many others. Kidra was adept at stealth techniques and was paired up with a couple of Dark Hunters to take on covert missions against the KoSM. Kazuman and Kidra were eventually reunited (though she was not on the mission that rescued him) and lived together after the formation of the new Matoran Empire.

**Kidra was built in 2011**, and is another "loaned" character in the ***Cyclic Plane Storyline***.

The original Kidra was made by Toa Atraks:

Much of this MOC’s build was experimental, with mixed results. The use of trans-purple on the MOC was both to show it off (this was back in 2011 after all…) and because mercury thingies shine purple. Idk. Purple! :smiley:


looking nice, and that evolution though

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The red doesn’t seem to work with Mercury.

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This mostly really good, but I don’t like the arms.

The rest of the body gives off a thin, but armored look. This is kind of broken by the arms, more so the lower ones.

however, I don’t think it ruins the MOC, I’d give it a 7.25/10
good work

Relatively simple MOC, buts that’s not a bad thing as the MOC itself is fine. I particularly love the crossbow design.

100/10 because crossbow!

Well, he’s got to keep true to the original character.

Mercury ore (Cinnabar) is that colour. That’s why both Sanguinus and Kidra have it.

Yah, if I was building her now I’d definitely do the arms differently. Since the limbs’ colours were sort of meant to match, she shouldn’t have had those metru feet on there either, really.

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Okay, I was thinking of liquid Mercury.
@Windfall What original character?

<- Toa Atraks’ Kidra. The character is his.

That said, as far as I remember he made Kidra after seeing my own Toa Sanguinus, so actually got the red colour off me, and showed me Kidra and I liked her a lot and we thought she might be cool as Sanguinus’ daughter or soemthing - which is what ended up happening.

Yeah, same as what Gringat said, the character it is based off of.

Nice MOC.

Looks pretty cool!

What color is that Miru? It doesn’t look like the traditional silver. Also, nice boots.

It’s a silver mask from 2001. The normal pearl silver didn’t exist at that point and the masks were kinda wierd.

Oh. Okay.