Kidus Goldfire, the son of Faust

Hey yall, here is a new creation i made, or well a new Revamp really. This is Kidus Goldfire, the son of Faust(AKA Lucas Goldfire). i really love the paint job i gave him. most of the metal looking parts are actually bio mechanical, while the gold parts are armor. i would like to apologize in advance, these pics do suck but my camera was acting wierd and i dont have the time to retake some new ones. i will keep the simple arms since that is how i wanted them to look like, also the simple legs as well.


The mask is pretty cool, but Iā€™m not a fan of the build, mainly the torso and the limbs.


Thanks for the feedback. To be honest here i love this torso i made, but then again thats bias since i made it. i could do with trying to find a way to make the shoulder joints more mobile, but with how the internal part is so wierd, i dont know how really.

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Wowie that mask is extraordinary! I think it needs a little more to look mechanical Because Right now it looks unfinished.

@RogueToa thanks for the feedback. technically the mask is just a mask. its been damaged, hence its markings. my story doset follow actual canon so its just a damaged mask worn to cover the characters face, in a much more human look he has silver flecks on his face where his skin was reinforced.