Kiina Revamp

Greetings one and all! I present to thee, lovely members of the TTVMB, a Kiina Revamp!

Front and back

My favorite feature of this MOC? The stable, moveable hips.

Before anyone says anything, I know that’s not a trident, but I never thought her old trident fit her aesthetic, but Lesovikk’s blade does.

Anywho, comment and critiques are welcome as always!


She’s very… thick.

Also, what’s the large blue structure on her back?


This is a great reimagining of the character, but there could be more dark blue

I like where you were going with the torso, but the shoulders seem ridiculously close together. Overall I feel like it’s bit too thick. I’m also not sure what the Vahki head piece on her back is supposed to be.

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