Kiji Johnson-TTV Kaita of Justice and Logic + Extra VarCity colors

The Kaita of Justice

Base: Kahi

Components: Eljay and Invictus

Attribute: Logic and Justice

Weapon: The Guillotine of Judgement

Description: The most unstable of the possible Kaitas, he's very bitter due to whom he's made of, but with a balance including Invictus, he can barely hold on from internal arguements or going crazy. This is the judge, jury and executioner of TTV

Also, I planned on Var-City to be a universal Kaita if Var and Meso are in the combo at all times, so here's some replacements for Ven

First alt colors for Var-City + Ven

Var-City + Eljay

Var-City + Prpl

C&C please, and all that stuff


Thats some angsty pink for varcity + prpl.

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I'd call it a vibrant violet



The main thing I like is how it looks like an actual bionicle thing, albeit highly stylized.

They seem pretty cool, though I'm wondering why they're tilted.

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All are pretty good but Var-City + Ven is the best one imo.

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