Kikorangi - Toa of water

The Toa of water from my own Toa team, Kikorangi (Kikoa for short) is a confident, outgoing Toa. This makes her a bit of a black sheep in the team as most of the team are very introverted and quiet. But her bold attitude often helps Razer and his team get through tough times, particularly the more anxious members.

Build! Custom torso is basically an inika pelvis, a technic beam and an axle. The rest is ccbs.

Weapons consist of a neat Sniper based off the intervention (i used COD MW2 images) and a ‘spray Conductor’. This sprays out water vapour and electrefies it, making it usefull for consistent short range damage.

Keep it steady…

Spare magazines are stored on her hips, one on each side. The mags are removable from the Sniper itself and she can hold them with the help of an axle.
Kikorangi is Maori for blue (alternate, the main translation us just blue) and its pronounced with both the N and G sounds. Ki-Ko-Ran-Gai.
C & C appreciated, a link to an IG post with more photos will be posted soon!


Fixed caps for the name - L

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It looks decent, but it does not look like a toa of water, it looks more like some sort of electric powered assassin IMO. :slight_smile:


I want to see the rest.

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@LTVmocs Thanks, appreciate it!
@TheMOCingbird Yeah, I had that problem too. I don’t want to remove the weapon though, any suggestions?
@Toa_Vladin Okay, okay, soon!
@Bionicdeadpool XD sharp!

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