Killjoy (W.I.P)

I was going through my box of Bionicle parts and had a idea for a small character when I was holding one of the 2015 shooters parts I got so with only 1 photo this is Killjoy

if you have any complaints about the torso don’t worry the idea is he is a spindly robot but he is a W.I.P so give me some time to finish him off
update I got a new photo after working him a little bit longer


This doesn’t look bad, however his torso is a stick.

yeah I know I’m still trying to figure out how to make smaller characters without them having a stick for a torso but once I do that MOC will be a template for others to come

Stick torso’s great. goes well together with all the other stickish parts. Oh, but maybe add shooter parts for the torso as well.

Yeah try using tires, theres quite a few that could work here.

It be nice to add a little just a little white so that the white rubber parts look a bit better.

I would use ball joints instead of some of those tiny ratchet Doc Ock arm things as joints. Especially with the torso as that will certainly end up being a stability problem later on.

he’s pretty stable the ratchets are pretty strong I won’t over do it on this guy and also the ratchet gives more poses and I do have future plans for Killjoy

@Huichelaar just tried that and sorry its not gonna work its gets in the way of the shooting pose