King Bowser

Mario’s fire breathing turtle/dragon rival in the Super Mario series.

This moc uses the arms from an x4.75 scale torch light minifigure since the bigfig arms aren’t currently available in yellow.

The shell is made out of goal netting from an old soccer field I’ve had since childhood.


something feels a little off, but it uses mixel eyes so all is forgiven


I love the use of pieces.

Very cool use of parts, just mind blowing.

Incredible use of hair pieces!

Thing is, this is to minifigure scale! Great job.

Nice work Likus, I appreciate the arms.


It’s still to scale, depending on the game! For example, New Super Mario Bros Wii. Anyhow, this is beside the point, It’s still a great MOC.

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I don’t think it’s quite to minifig scale. But hey the design is on point

It depends on which game you look at. Bowser fluctuates in size between games.

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That is the most creative use of hair pieces I have ever seen.

Of course, this kind of technique seems standard for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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